6 Benefits of Pocket Doors

Benefits of Pocket Doors

​​Pocket doors can be a stylish and creative dividing solution for a more compact living space –  whether that’s separating an ensuite in a small bedroom or sectioning off a study in a studio apartment. 

So, are pocket doors a good idea for your home? Here at Build & Plumb, we know there are multiple benefits of adding pocket doors to your space – from creative solutions to open plan living, to introducing a subtle, minimalist aesthetic. 

What are pocket doors?

Pocket doors are sliding doors that disappear into the wall. When open, they are fully hidden inside a crevice (or ‘pocket’), giving the impression of a doorless walkway between rooms. Unlike traditional hinged doors, pocket doors are mounted on slider tracks: to open and close, they roll into and out of the wall. As there’s no need to account for the space lost by a swing door, pocket doors are a popular choice for those looking to save a little extra space. 

How do pocket doors work?

Pocket doors work by sliding into a cage constructed from metal and wood fitted inside the wall. To glide in and out of the wall smoothly, the top of the door is fitted to a wheeled track inside the pocket – while a small shark-fin shaped guide is fitted to the floor, so the door moves in a straight line.

Are pocket doors a good idea?

Pocket doors are a good idea for your home if you’re working with a more compact space – or if you’re looking to divide up areas of an open plan layout. With their sleek and simple design, they also offer accessible solutions for wheelchair users, as well as adding an elegant minimalist accent to your home – making space for easy access, more furniture and fluid movement between rooms.

Benefits of Pocket Doors

6 Benefits of Pocket Doors

Here are six benefits of choosing interior sliding pocket doors for your living spaces – from your ensuite bathroom to your kitchen pantry. 

1. Perfect for compact spaces

Smaller space? No problem. Whether you’re looking to transform a walk-in storage cupboard into a home office or you’re looking to make room in your bathroom for an extra cabinet, pocket doors are the perfect option for compact spaces. As they open by sliding into the wall – and not out onto the room – they’re great for dividing up open plan studio apartments, as well as closing off pantries, utility rooms and Jack and Jill style bathrooms.

2. Quiet design

No more squeaky hinges or slammed doors. Due to their sliding design, pocket doors tend to be far quieter than hinged doors: the minimal noise is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere in your home. 

3. Stylish and sensible

To save space, there’s no need to compromise on style. As interior sliding pocket doors disappear into the wall, their design is inherently subtle, elegant and streamlined – perfect for adding a touch of minimalist design to your living space. Popular in eighteenth-century homes and Japanese and Scandinavian interior design, pocket doors are a stylish way to divide up space with clean lines and an uncluttered aesthetic.

4. Versatile

Chic semi-frosted panels or solid Scandinavian wooden styles? There are many different types of pocket doors to choose from – from glazed monochrome to polished wood finishes – so it’s easy to adapt them to your home’s aesthetic. Available in single doors or pairs, they can fit a range of purposes – from sectioning off small laundry rooms to larger dividers for open plan living rooms. Pocket doors can also be a practical way to save wall space too – for a bathroom, why not opt for a door with a full-length mirror on one side to make room for a wall-mounted cabinet?

5. Accessibility

With their easy opening and closing mechanisms, pocket doors provide greater accessibility for wheelchair users. Unlike traditional swing doors, pocket doors don’t require a lot of forwards and backwards movements to open or move through. The width of the doorway is also often simple to adjust to custom requirements, so can easily accommodate a wheelchair with plenty of space – a perfect way to make your living area fully accessible.

6. Creative interior design

It’s easy to get creative with pocket doors: choose a door the same colour or texture as the wall in your house for an inventive way to conceal a separate space – or apply wallpaper to the door for a playful invisible-room effect. Pocket doors can also meet at a corner to divide up an open plan layout. Whether you’re looking for an inventive larder door in your kitchen or a way to separate an office from your living space without drawing attention to its presence, pocket doors offer a range of opportunities to get creative with your home’s interior design. 

Looking for interior door inspiration? Shop our selection of pocket doors or explore our full collection of paired doors, from bi-fold designs to sliding styles. 

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