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Central Heating Controls

Central heating controls are a vital part of any central heating system, allowing users to quickly and easily set the perfect temperature or a temperature timer. Whether installing a central heating system or looking to update an existing one, our current selection of central heating supplies here at Build & Plumb are just the options for you. Explore easy-to-use adjustable dial thermostats or browse programmable room thermostats boasting sleep mode and “plug and play”. You can also browse port-zone valves to implement a dual central heating system.

A central heating controller makes controlling your home temperature easy and stress-free. With our easy-to-use thermostats and smart controllers, you can tailor the heating to your satisfaction and budget. 

Our central heating controllers at Build & Plumb

We have a vast selection of heating controllers to suit your needs, from programmers that help you to set timers when the heating turns on and off to thermostats that will turn the heating on and off to reach a particular temperature in the room, and programmable thermostats that do both. You can easily install these heating control panels to the wall to modernise your heating system or as part of your new build project.

We also supply pipe and cylinder thermostats so you can take control of the temperature of your water cylinders to prevent the risk of legionella bacteria growth.

Modernise your heating system with a smart thermostat controller

Our smart heating controllers can connect to your boiler via the WIFI, and you can control the heating on the smart controller from another room or an app on your phone.