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Paint Rollers, Trays & Buckets

Whether you're a keen DIY-er or a professional painter-decorator, we have everything you need to complete your paint job to a professional standard, from paint rollers to extension poles. At Build & Plumb, we only want to provide the best tools to help you complete your painting projects. Designed by UK professionals specifically for the UK market, Purdy paint rollers ensure you have versatile and trustworthy tools for the job. Find everything you need in our paint roller and accessories collection today!

If you're looking for a professional paint roller, you've come to the right place. At Build & Plumb, we only provide the best paint rollers to the market so a DIY hobbyist can achieve the same quality as a professional painter.

Our paint rollers

We offer an extensive range of paint roller sleeves for every multiple painting job. Whether you're painting on a rough or smooth surface or with emulsion or stain paint, we have paint roller sleeves to suit. Make sure to take note of the nap thickness to find the best one for the job. You will also need a paint roller frame. Decide between an adjustable or cageless roller frame depending on your roller sleeve. Make sure the sleeve and frame sizes match to avoid disappointment! 

If you want to purchase everything you need together, opt for a paint roller set for your convenience.

Our painting accessories

Our collection provides everything you need to make your painting project run smoothly and efficiently. For example, a paint tray is essential for loading paint and squeezing out excess paint from your roller. Or, you can upgrade to a paint bucket that holds more for larger paint jobs but still has the paint roller tray feature.

A paint roller extension pole isn't essential, but it will make your project easier and more efficient. An extendable paint roller helps you reach the entire wall in one stroke and the ceiling without trudging up and down a ladder. So shop our paint rollers and accessories today to complete your painting project to the highest standard.