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Wood Filler

For a perfect finish on any damaged wood, explore the collection of wood filler and wood putty at Build & Plumb. Our collection of high-quality wood fillers is a must for ensuring a smooth, neat finish when working with wood. Choose from various wood-coloured fillers across our collection to find the perfect colour match, including wood filler for oak. Each filler is waterproof, enabling you to use them inside and outside. Browse our high-performance wood filling putty from top brands, including Ronseal wood filler

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Our wood filler and putty

Browse our collection of ready-made, 2-part fillers and catalysts to fix and finish any damaged wood in your home or garden. Remember, if you are staining the wood, choose a filler or putty similar to the stain because sometimes the wood filler will absorb the coloured stain differently from the wood.

How long does wood filler take to dry?

Durable and long-lasting, our wood putty sets to a rock-hard finish in as little as 30 minutes, after which you can revarnish, paint or dye it to match the material you're working with.

What does wood filler do?

Wood filler can repair wood damage from wet rot and fill holes, splits, surface imperfections and damage from nails and screws. It dries as hard as a rock and is shatterproof and waterproof. It also allows you to work with a smooth surface to drill, nail, repaint, stain, varnish, sand, carve and file. 

When should you not use a wood filler?

Wood filler won't adhere well to shiny or slick surfaces.

What is wood putty vs wood filler?

The main difference between wood filler and wood putty is that wood filler hardens when dry, whereas wood putty does not, so you can only use wood putty on interior projects.

What is wood putty used for?

You can use wood-filling putty for interior repairs, including wooden furniture and skirting boards and as wood filler for the floor. You can also use wood putty filler to patch cracks and holes in wood that expand or contract due to humidity, expanding and contracting with the wood.