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Wykamol 40.1 BORON Injection Paste 400ml

Woodworm Killer & Dry Rot Wood Treatment
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Wykabor 40.1 is a glycol-based wood preservative formulation containing disodium octaborate. Designed for use by injection into larger dimension timbers to protect against wood boring insects and fungal decay.


It is particularly suited for use in damp/wet timbers in contact with masonry (e.g. joist ends, wall plates etc.) where the active ingredients can diffuse into ‘high risk’ areas.


Treatments may be supplemented by a surface application of Wykabor 10.1.


Wykabor 40.1 is approved for use only by professional operators under The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986. Read the label before use. HSE No. 10362.


Special Properties:

 Deep penetration in wet and dry wood.

 Odourless, low hazard product.

 Highly effective, dual purpose preservative.



All bats are protected under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Before treating any structure used by bats, consult Natural England, Scottish National Heritage, The Countryside Council for Wales or The Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland.


Wykabor 40.1 is suitable for use in bat roosts.


Before deciding on appropriate preservative treatment carefully evaluate the structural integrity of timbers and repair and/or replace those considered unsound (isolated from masonry where possible). Locate and rectify any sources of dampness. Wykabor 40.1 can be used to treat sound (new or existing) timbers.


For timbers already suffering from fungal decay/insect attack, treatments can be applied effectively as long as measures are also taken to remove sources of moisture and/or improve ventilation in the adjoining areas.


Timbers left in direct contact with masonry below ground level, or in other situations where there is a known continuing source of moisture, can be treated in-situ but should be re-inspected periodically to access their condition.


Cover water storage tanks and remove or cover fish tanks and bowls and any food stuffs etc. before application. Do not use on food preparation or storage surfaces.


Wykabor 40.1 is a deeply penetrating product which causes staining to both the treated timber and any porous materials it is contact with (e.g. plaster, masonry). Further, when timbers are dry, the boron salts may appear as surface crystals in places. THESE FACTORS MAKE THIS PRODUCT SUITABLE ONLY FOR THE TREATMENT OF STRUCTURAL TIMBERS WHICH WILL NOT BE EXPOSED AS A DECORATIVE FEATURE.


If sensitive linings or overlay materials are to be used in direct contact with treated timbers they should be isolated by the use of an impervious barrier.





Drilling holes in face of beams:

Holes of 10-12mm diameter should be drilled at intervals of 100mm along the grain and to within 15mm of the full depth of the timber (and otherwise as per the table below). Inject the Wykabor 40.1 to within c. 10mm of the face of the timber and seal with timber dowling or plastic plugs.


Product Data:

 Timber Dimensions (mm) Drill Hole Depth (mm) No. of Rows m/cartridge (approx.)

100mm x 50mm 35mm 1 (Centred) 20

225mm x 75mm 60mm 2 (75mm Spacing) 7

300mm x 150mm 135mm 2 (100mm Spacing) 2




Drilling holes on edge of beams:

Holes of 10-12mm diameter should be drilled at intervals of 150mm along the grain and to within 30-75mm of the full depth of the timber (see the table below). Inject the Wykabor 40.1 to within 30mm of the near face and seal with timber dowling or plastic plugs.


Product Data:

 Timber Dimensions (mm) Drill Hole Depth (mm) No. of Rows m/cartridge (approx.)

100mm x 50mm 70mm 1 (Centred) 20

225mm x 75mm 175mm 1 (Centred) 7

300mm x 150mm 225mm 2 (50mm Spacing) 2



General Notes:

In order to provide treatment to inaccessible sections of timber (e.g. joist ends bearing on masonry) the first set of drill holes should be started as close to the exposed edge of timber as possible and directed at an angle into the concealed section. The depth of these drill holes will be determined by the length of the recess; otherwise treat as above.


The specifications given above should ensure that Wykabor 40.1 is evenly distributed and sufficient to protect against and/or eradicate insect attack/fungal decay. However, in very damp conditions as an added precaution against surface mould growth or spore germination consideration may be given to the application of a brush or spray coat of Wykabor 10.1. Also in relatively dry timbers, to ensure complete control over common furniture beetle infestations and provide resistance to egg laying etc. a surface application of Wykabor 10.1 is required. For larger areas requiring spray treatment against common furniture beetle etc. we recommend using Lignum I62.5 Insecticide, or Lignum D156 Fungicide & Insecticide.



Provide a physical barrier to prevent unprotected persons and/or animals coming into contact with treated surfaces until dry (inaccessible timbers are considered to be outside this requirement). Dispose of empty cartridges carefully; transfer old nozzles to new cartridges wherever possible.


Cartridge Size:

400ml Cartridges. (Each order will come supplied with an extra longer extension nozzle, if required)



Disodium Octaborate 40% w/w.


Other Information:

Approved for use as directed under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (HSE No. 10362).

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