Choosing the Right Thermostat For Your Home

Choosing the right type of heating control ensures your home’s central heating system works as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. However, with so many different types of thermostats on the market today, selecting the right thermostat can sometimes feel a bit confusing … but don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll explain the differences between the variations of heating controls, and also provide some helpful tips on how to select which type might be best for you.

What are the different types of thermostats on the market today?

Thermostats come in two main types: programmable and non-programmable. Non-programmable thermostats are the most basic type – they have a fixed schedule and can’t be changed once they’re set. Programmable thermostats allow you to set different temperatures for different days of the week, so you can restrict energy use if you’re not home or awake during certain hours.

There are also smart thermostats that can be controlled remotely using smart devices or computers and can even learn your habits over time to optimize energy usage.

The most popular variants are:

  • Non-programmable thermostats
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Mains Powered Thermostats
  • Battery Powered Thermostats
  • Wireless Thermostats
  • Smart Thermostats

1. Non-Programmable Thermostats

Non-programmable thermostats are the simplest to use. They have an internal NTC sensor that measures the temperature of the area where they are installed offering accurate and comfortable control of your central heating. These thermostats will display the current room’s temperature and have an On /Off button for easy control. 


The target temperature is defined by using the up and down buttons or by turning the wheel (depending on which style you choose). Your desired target temperature can then be seen on the screen and is automatically saved. It’s that simple. These can be used as standalone devices or in conjunction with a heating timer or programmer.

2. Programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats offer the same on/off features as a non-programmable thermostat, but with one major difference, you can schedule a set of heating programs. This allows you to set the time you wish to have your central heating on or off. The thermostat will then switch on and off the heating as per the desired schedule.


Additionally, you can use a programmable thermostat to ensure that your home is warm in the morning when you wake up and at any other time of the day you wish. The thermostat will switch off when it reaches its target temperature which can save you energy and money. Setting a heating schedule ensures that your home is at the temperature you desire, at the time you desire. This useful video from EPH Controls demonstrates how to use your programmable thermostat:

3. Mains & Battery Powered

Mains Powered Thermostats are designed to be powered directly from the mains power supply. Many houses have traditional dial thermostats, such as the one pictured;

Mains Powered Thermostats typically require professional installation and are generally more expensive than other Thermostat options.

While mains-powered thermostats can provide a basic level of control, they do not have the accuracy and functionality of modern digital thermostats. However, they are often difficult to upgrade as there may be only two wires to work with. This is where battery-operated thermostats can save the day. Using batteries to power the device allows a user to experience all the benefits of modern thermostats without the expensive rewiring of their property. The existing two wires can be connected to the battery-powered thermostat. Then the user can choose between programmable and non-programmable depending on the level of control needed.

Battery Thermostats however, are more portable than their mains-powered counterparts. They feature adjustable settings that allow users to set a desired temperature, which can then be monitored via an onboard display.

4. Wireless Thermostats

Wireless thermostats are some of the most popular thermostats on the market because of their convenience to the installer and the homeowner alike. The battery-operated thermostat speaks wirelessly to a receiver which turns on your heating. Ideal if your boiler is located in a hard-to-reach space such as the loft or in a boiler house. The portability of the thermostat is especially useful for customers with mobility issues.

Whether you have multiple zones or just one, you can use a wireless thermostat. There are wireless thermostats available to control hot water also such as the EPH CP4-HW wireless thermostat. If you have a modern heating system or are thinking of upgrading it, you may have heard of PDHW or priority hot water systems. This is a popular new way of making a multi-zone heating system more efficient. It uses a technology called OpenTherm® to modulate your boiler to make it run more energy efficiently. Speak to your sales representative or heating engineer for more information about this. 

5. Smart Thermostats

Most Smart Thermostats give the homeowner additional smart features; such as the ability to control your heating from your phone. You can check, and automatically adjust the temperature, set your schedule, or completely turn your system off/on; whether you are at home, at work, or even on holiday. Helping to keep those energy bills to a minimum. 

With the EPH Smart Thermostat system, you can have up to 6 zones, heating, and hot water control, all via your smartphone through the free EMBER app. Never worry about forgetting to turn off the central heating again. Convenience and energy saving right in your pocket


If you’re in the market for a new thermostat, it’s important to do your research to find the model that will work best for your home and lifestyle. There are many different types of thermostats on the market today, so it’s important to read reviews and compare features before making a purchase. Some newer models come with additional features like Wi-Fi capabilities and remote access, which can be very convenient to help control your heating from wherever you are.

Installation is usually fairly simple, but if you have any questions or concerns, it’s always best to consult with a professional. Upgrading to a newer model can offer many benefits, from increased energy efficiency, lowered energy consumption, and added convenience.

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Designed to keep you comfortable and help save energy. The COMBIPACK3 wireless room thermostat and receiver is part of the EPH range of RF thermostats. The user-friendly wireless thermostat is the perfect solution for those who want the simplicity of controlling their central heating boiler from the thermostat without a timed programmer. 

The EPH Combipack4 (CP4) is an easy-to-use digital RF programmable thermostat and receiver suitable for controlling a single heating zone. Ideally suited to combi boilers. As with other members of the CP4 family, it can also be operated via your mobile devices with the addition of a GW03 WiFi gateway to have full control of your heating.

This Smart Thermostat from EPH Controls is a great upgrade for anyone who wants or needs to be able to control their heating remotely. Also great for anyone concerned or wanting to reduce their energy bills. These are wireless thermostats paired to a device called a gateway that connects your heating system to your WiFi. 

However, not all smart thermostats are created equally, so you must ensure that it’s compatible with your heating system and that any app is also compatible with the smart device you want to run it on.


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